About Us

The Eisenberg Group of Companies is a Coral Springs, Florida based owner, manager and acquirer of industrial and commercial real estate properties. We are proud to be carrying on a fifth generation family business and tradition that has been successful since 1897, which continues to grow and prosper. Based upon a conservative entrepreneurial approach in the investment and management of real estate, The Eisenberg Group along with our affiliated companies, maintain a core set of conservative values in our analysis, acquisition and management of properties.

The Eisenberg family business originated in 1897 when J. (Yechiel) Eisenberg and his son Samuel entered the textile waste (rag) business, using horse and buggies to purchase and sell textile waste in New York. As years went on and the business grew, Samuel had a vision of entering the modern age, and in 1931 incorporated J. Eisenberg & Son, Inc. Envisioning future growth potential, Sam bought and moved into a multiple floor loft building in Brooklyn, NY. Sam traveled the globe and along with his son Herbert became one of the largest recyclers of textile waste in the country, and providers of cotton waste for currency and paper manufacturers throughout the world.

Due to continual growth and the expansion into the cotton, nylon, and polyester flock manufacturing business which supplied the plastics industry, their need to expand rapidly approached. In 1959, Sam and Herb purchased land and developed warehouse properties in Glendale and Ridgewood, Queens, New York, and relocated to a 52,000 SF single story modern manufacturing and warehousing facility, and continued expanding their business along with developing an additional 350,000 SF of warehouse and distribution facilities. In 1980, Herb’s son Jay entered the business and they successfully guided it through the disruptive economic times that existed worldwide.

Eventually, the decision was made to relocate part of the business to South Florida as Jay concentrated on acquiring and managing industrial and commercial properties while the textile recycling business continued into the mid 1990’s. While Jay grew the business’ industrial holdings throughout New York, Florida, and North Carolina, Scott Eisenberg later joined Jay where they have continued to grow and through various Eisenberg entities currently own and manage approximately 2 Million square feet of industrial property.

We are proud of our history and knowing that the tradition continues on.

Current Organization

Jay Eisenberg graduated from New York University with a degree in Finance & International Business, and has led The Eisenberg Group of Companies since 1988. Jay’s specialization includes investments and property management for commercial properties in South Florida, Central Florida, North Carolina, and New York City. Jay has also served in the capacity of court appointed receiver for multiple development projects and has, and continues to be very involved in several philanthropic organizations.

Scott Eisenberg graduated from New York University with a Graduate Certificate degree in Real Estate, and an undergraduate degree in Finance from University of Miami. Scott began his career working for two top-tier Investment Banks in New York City specializing in project management and client servicing. Scott joined the Eisenberg Group in 2014 focusing on commercial properties throughout Florida, and is a licensed Real Estate Sales Broker in the State of Florida.

Beth Widom, C.P.A., received her undergraduate degree and her Masters in Taxation from University of Miami. Beth spent several years in the tax department at Grant Thornton and seven years at NextEra Energy – Florida Power & Light in Juno Beach, Florida. Beth’s duties entail all aspects of accounting for our portfolio of properties.